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Learn The New Way to Build an Empire on Airbnb™... Without Owning Or Renting Any Property.

Discover How I Built An Airbnb™ Management Company That Scaled To $1MM in Revenue...


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Learn the new way to make money on Airbnb™.

Hi, I'm Derek.

I'm a 7-Figure Airbnb™ Host & Warp Speed Startup™ Coach

I help people make money on Airbnb without owning, renting or leasing a single property. Seriously.

Let's get real...

Are you tired of being "stuck" and want to finally break free with your own 6-to-7 figure real estate empire, even if you have no property?

Maximize Your Momentum

Learn the "secret" recipe for massive success by reverse engineering the Future You.

Launch Your Warp Speed Startup™

Compress time and build your business at lightning speed with my proven blueprint.

Scale Your 7-Figure Cash Flow Machine

Take your business to the moon as a 7-Figure Superhost, even without owning or renting.

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What My Clients Are Saying

We've been extremely happy with Derek and all the services he's provided us. He's just plain wonderful. We do nothing but sit at home and get a digital check every month. I would strongly recommend Derek.

Janie Ann

It's really been a great experience for us. Derek is very caring, very supportive in guiding us through the process.


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When you work with a coach, expect great change. You will clarify your goal, experience new insights, and take action. If you could have done it yourself, you would have by now.

Grace Audrey


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